Heated Gantries Spares

Heating and Light display solutions

Here are some of the parts needed for heated gantry displays. The use of food-safe jacketed infrared lamps should be used. They are very different from halogen lamps that are not food safe, and the working life is a fraction.


100w, 150w, 200w, 300w, 500w


UVR/S Power Regulator
ON/OFF switches


Lamp holder 118mm
s.st Reflector-dish


High temperature cable and ceramic connectors

Catering Replacement Parts

Replacement solutions

An industrial kitchen or restaurants income and performance not only dependent on their chefs, support staff and managers but also on the quality, efficiency and performance of the catering equipment installed. Should any parts fail, this could cost the income for the day plus the fee for an engineer to be called out. We understand this well and so try to keep ‘off the shelf stock’. Ensuring you can quickly receive the parts the next day to ensure your kitchen can be and running with minimal downtimes.
We hold replacement catering supplies for many original equipment manufacturers, and we will also make one-off unique heating elements as required. These parts are typically used in hot cupboards, serving counters, bain-marie’s, heated gantries, fryers, burners and canopies.
Please take a good look through our catalogue to see our full range of catering spares and replacement catering equipment. If you wish to learn more about commercial catering spaces, then do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. Contact us by calling +44 (0)121 238 2795



The use of digital temperature controllers are the way for when it comes to controlling the food. They offer accuracy at a affordable price.



Our food safe lamps have been specially design for the catering industry. They have a special “jacketed low pressure” design that will only implode on failure, keeping food safe.



The reflector mesh protects the lamp from accidental breakages and can extend the lamp life.

Ceran counter hot tops for food warming

Ceran (ceramic glass) food service hot counters tops are a special type of glass that is suitable for temperatures up to 700°C. With a toughened structure they can withstand specific weight and can be found on domestic type electric cookers.

Each glass is fitted with a specific sized heating mat that will get the surface up to temperatures of 110°C operate

Call our sales team for more info and pricing of specific sizes.

  • Cleanable
  • Temp controllable
  • Special sizes accommodated

Special high temp 750 deg C glass

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We have a wide range of catering spare parts, both OEM and replacement parts. We ship the next day and have a trade counter service for collections. We are specialists in making heating elements that are no longer available. Speak to us to find out more.
These parts typically are used in heated counters, hot cupboards and bain-marie units. We are leading parts suppliers of components such as catering heat lamps, straight rod heating elements, thermostats and digital temperature controllers.

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