Infrared Heating

When it comes to infrared lamps you can count on us to be your one-stop-shop for all your replacement lamp needs. We have a range of lamps from 78mm to 788mm available and hold thousands in stock and in various glare reduction features for next day deliveries. Our lamps are sold via distribution channels but are also available direct as required.

Infrared Process Heating

Infrared heat lamps are used in applications such as process drying and curing lines, food warming catering applications, indoor and outdoor infrared heaters. They are considered a better heating option than convection heating where up to 50% of the energy input can be lost. Infrared heat is direct and is not affected by air movement. Once an object received the heat radiation via the heat wave length, that object then will radiate heat also making it a very effective heating medium.

Commercial Comfort Heating

Infrared lamps are also used for comfort/well-being heating as they are environmentally friendly in a sustainable way. The benefits they offer are cost effectiveness, clean and safe, dimmable, low maintenance and an instant warm-up time (within 1 sec).

These lamps are used in places such as sauna’s, outdoor eating areas, churches, mosques and large warehouse spaces.

All the following lamps are short-wave with the wave pattern as below.

Clear Infrared Lamps (7)

Clear Jacketed (4)

Gold Infrared Lamps (4)

Infrared Lamp Holders (5)

Ruby Infrared (6)

Ruby Jacketed Lamps (4)