In need of an industrial heating element?

We have you covered. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of heating and control solutions, we stock a diverse range of heating elements – all of which are of the highest quality, yet available for a very competitive price. Whether you’re looking to heat via conduction, convection, or radiation, we guarantee, we have a product that meets your needs. So why not browse the collection today?

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Band Heaters (1)

Cabinet Heaters (2)

Cartridge Heaters (10)

Ceramic Elements (6)

Drum Heaters (3)

Finned Strip Heaters (1)

Immersion Heaters (2)

Mica Plate Heaters (1)

Nozzle Heaters (1)

Other Heaters (2)

Quartz Elements (2)

Ring Heaters (2)

Strip Heaters (1)

Surface Heat Mats (2)