Quartz infrared heating elements provide short to medium wavelength radiation and can be the most preferred source of heat when rapid heater response is needed.

They are normally used for fast response applications, where the product cycles are shorter than that of ceramic heaters and where several tool changes throughout the day will be made. These types of heater heat up and cool down in less than half the time of ceramic heaters

The quartz elements comprised of a series of quartz tubes running parallel to each other within a highly reflective stainless steel housing. Each tube contains a coiled resistance wire available in a variety of wattages and voltages. Watt densities up to 30 w/sq. inch (4.65 w/sq. cm) are available. The large variety of sizes, shapes, and watt densities allows quartz emitters to be highly useful in zoning arrangements such as plastic thermoforming sheet-fed applications where complex heating patterns are needed, high-speed roll-fed processes, and machines requiring precise zone control because they are small in size, and can easily be put in larger panels.

These quartz heaters are approximately the same size as our ceramic infrared heaters.

Quartz infrared heaters are used in a various applications including vacuum forming, thermoforming curing and heating applications.



  1. Fast Response
  2. Rapid heat-up
  3. Rapid cool down
  4. Ideal for fast cycling machines
  5. Highly reflective stainless steel casing
  6. High radiant efficiency
  7. Low convection losses
  8. Four standard Sizes
  9. Large choice of power ratings available
  10. Volts: Heater can be manufactured to suit most supply voltages.

Available stock sizes and wattages

PDF data sheet

Quartz element

Stock code248x62mm Full sizePart No.Average surface Temp

Quartz heater

125x62mm Half sizePart No.Average surface temp

All sizes available in 220-240 and 110vac

Supplied with fixing studs as standard, ceramic pillar mounts available.

Temperature control

We recommend the use of a temperature pyrometers for temperature control of thermoforming applications.

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