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Immersion heaters are used for heating liquids of many kinds, they are very efficient as they transfer all their heat to the heating medium. They are supplied with several different flange and threaded connection joints and immersion depths to suit the tank size.


Construction: Copper sheathed heating element, brazed to a Brass flange provided with cap for protection of terminals, Nickel-plated.

Application: Light Duty (intermittent) boilers, washing machines, geysers, sterilizers and other commercial purposes.


Construction: Two/Three Copper sheathed heating elements, brazed to a Brass flange provided with metallic cap for protection of terminals, Nickel plated.

Application: Heavy-duty industrial hot water baths water jacketed apparatus, side arm circulating process tanks etc.


Construction: Manufactured out of special grade steel tube, brazed to a C.I. Flange provided with a thermostat pocket, earthing terminals and cap for protection of terminals.

Application: Fuel oil heating, oil circulating, for systems that supply hot oil to plastic and chemical processes, oil jacketed kettles and similar equipment.

Commercial Specification
TypeRatingImmersion depthFitting
COM11000KW/230V220mm 1.1/4" BSPT
COM21500KW/230V230mm 1.1/4" BSPT
COM32000KW/230V325mm 1.1/4" BSPT
COM43000KW/230V425mm 1.1/4" BSPT
Industrial Specification
TypeRatingImmersion depthFitting
IND12000KW/230V220mm 1.1/4" BSPT
IND22000KW/230V220mm 1.1/2" BSPT
IND33000KW/230V280mm 1.1/4" BSPT
IND43000KW/230V/400V220mm 1.1/2" BSPT
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