cartridge heaters

UCI cartridge heaters provide excellent heat transfer and long life. Cartridge heaters are designed for a push in fit into holes of nominal diameters and are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Cartridge heaters are used for heating Dies, Moulds, Platens and various other applications demanding localised heating and are suitable for temperatures up to 800 deg C.

Cartridge heaters are available in metric and imperial sizes 6.5mm (1/4″) to 40mm (1.5″) diameters and up to 2m in length.

They are supplied with high watt densities as standard for the most demanding of applications, medium and low are also offered on request.


When selecting the right cartridge heater then several factors must be taken into consideration such as below that will ensure your heaters last as long as possible and perform as required.

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Diameter6.5mm stock10mm stock12.5mm stock16mm stock1/4" stock3/8" stock1/2" stock5/8" stock

Questions we require for correct Cartridge Heater selection/sizing

  • Maximum temperature? (type of heater)
  • Are they fitted into a moving tool? (lead selection)
  • Termination option? (straight or right angle)
  • Time required to get up to temperature? (watt density)
  • Any vibration or jerks? (watt density selection)
  • Ambient temperature and humidity? (insulation and sealing type)
  • Required to be hot at specific positions? (heat zoning)





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Other Non stock diameters, lengths and termination options available on a 3 week lead time.

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Material Specification

  • Welded watertight base (Tig) to withstand pressure up to 60 kg/cm2.
  • Calibrated stainless steel AISI 304/316/321/ INCOLOY.
  • Disc ceramic insulator.
  • Pure granulometric magnesium oxide.
  • Nickel-chromium 80/20 heater wire. Melting point 1400º C.
  • Ceramic core.
  • Hard ceramic head.
  • Conductor lead.
  • Hard refracting paste.
  • Conductor without connections


 End termination type options

Use conversion formulae

Ohms formula can be used when two of three variables are known. The relation between resistance, current and voltage can be written in different ways. To remember this, the Ohm triangle calculator might be helpful. Two examples below will show the use of the triangle calculator.

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I = is the current in amperes
V = is the voltage in volts
R = is the resistance in ohms
P = Power in watts

ohms law









Very Important
The cartridge heaters must be adjusted as much as possible. When a hole has to be drilled for the housing of the cartridge, the following factors should be noted:

The inside of the drilled hole must be uniform, without gratings or un-even diameters. Finishing off with reaming of the hole is recommended.

As the heat rises the distribution is less at the ends and the heat is concentrated in the middle. The connections must never be inside the drilled hole, as there is the risk of shorting and leads burning. The connection must be protected to prevent possible spilling of fluids and the entry of plastic, gases, etc.

The temperature of Cartridge heaters should be regulated using an appropriate temperature control device.

There must be a minimum space of 3 diameters between the cartridges.

Ensure that the drilled hole has an outlet as to make removal easier.

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