Under Control Instruments, are suppliers of our own branded, high quality specification catering spares, industrial heating elements, infrared lamps and control instruments. We hold thousands of component parts ready for next day deliveries or can make a specific element up on request.

We have a diverse range of equipment such as catering spares covering products like catering heat lamps, formed or straight heaters elements and thermostats. Temperature controllers for basic or advanced control, infrared lamps of ruby, gold or clear options and industrial heating elements such as cartridge heaters, strip heaters and ceramic heating elements.

Our new offerings gas and refrigeration parts that are used by commercial installation engineers these are our own range of products such as gas interlock systems, ignitions spares commercial gas hoses.

 We are experienced supplier to many industries including plastics, packaging, catering equipment manufacturers, gas and refrigeration. We are confident that we can supply your process control, heat control and commercial catering and gas spares needs. You can choose from our own branded products or from our selected product suppliers to suit your application needs.

Our aim is to supply superior competitive products to suit a diverse range of applications that will surpass our customers expectations in all areas of our service. We introduce new products on a regular basis so we will keep you interested every time you visit us.

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Once you try us you'll keep coming back as we put "you" the customer first every time.

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See our new gas interlock system here.Current or Air pressure monitoring from same unit
  • Built in current sensors
  • Digital display
  • IP65 enclosure
  • Accessory options


 Protection for food and lamp.Reflector mesh lampOur new reflector-mesh cover protects our lamps from being accidentally broken.


Alternative to halogen lamps 
  • Caterhoses suitable for commercial kitchens
  • Fully complies to BS669 Part 2:1997
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