Looking for a cost-effective way to heat a surface? Or perhaps the surrounding environment? Our UCI strip heaters could be the solution. Available at a competitive price, they’re a versatile and economical way to transfer heat via convection and a worthwhile investment for many applications.
What is a strip heater?
Strip heaters are a very popular type of heating element. Typically, they consist of a resistance wire, a protective sheath (made from aluminium, steel or iron) and hardware to bolt them onto a surface.

Some models – usually those intended for radiant air heating – also come fitted with a series of fins. These maximise the heater’s surface area and allow heat to be transferred much more efficiently.
How do they work?
They may sound technical, but strip heaters work in a very simple and logical way. Essentially, an electrical current is passed through the resistance wire. As this wire is spaced evenly across the length and breadth of the element, it heats up its entire surface area. This heat can then be transferred via convection – either into the surrounding air or the object to which it is attached.
What can a strip heater be used for?
Strip heaters are most commonly found indoors, where they are used for numerous clamp-on and convection heating applications, such as:

– surface heating in platens, dies, moulds, tanks and piping
– process heating in ovens and drying cabinets
– dropping resistors for line applications in railroads and load banks
– defrosting equipment in hoppers, conveyors, ducts and car heating systems

Thanks to a resistance wire that runs throughout their entire length, they offer uniform heat distribution – across the full surface area of the heater – and reach temperatures as high as 500°C. If you’re looking for a way to transfer heat, quickly and effectively, a strip heater could be the answer.
Which is the right strip heater for my needs?
Various lengths and watt densities are available – and the right one for you will depend on the operating temperature that you require. Generally speaking, a low watt density is recommended for higher temperatures and viscous materials (with a low thermal conductivity). High watt densities are better suited to lower temperatures and thinner materials (with a high thermal conductivity).

However, this is only a ‘rule-of-thumb’ and it can vary. If you’re unsure on the best strip heaters for your application, the best option is to get in touch with our experts – here at Under Control. We have unrivalled knowledge in this area and can advise on the ideal specification for your needs.
Why buy strip heaters from us?
Under Control Instruments is a leading UK supplier of strip heaters and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We offer a comprehensive range – with lengths (from 5.5” to 35.57”) and wattages (from 210 to 2500) to suit most needs and applications. Bespoke strip heater elements can also be made upon request and, for maximum heat transfer, we also offer a finned model.

All of our electric strip heaters are manufactured to the highest standard and available for the best possible price. We also have a generous offer, whereby the more strip heaters you buy, the greater discount you will receive (i.e. 2-3 strip heaters – 5% discount, 3-5 heaters – 7.5% discount etc.).

Our team have excellent knowledge of this type of heating element and how it can be used. We’re always happy to answer your questions and can advise on the best product for your exact requirements. So, if you need further information, please feel free to get in touch. Browse our extensive collection of industrial heating elements today and give us a call on 0121 238 2795.

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