How Does It Works?

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Set Temperature

Enter the temperature that the sensor will normally be working at via the user interface touch screen or shortcut keys. This can be heating or cooling between -22 to 155 deg C.

Various temperatures can be programmed making it quick and easy to calibrate several sensors repeatedly.

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Reference sensor

If the sensor being measured is over size then it is advisable to also use a Reference sensor via the Reference sensor or DSP interface.

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Communications Interface

This can be done via the communication interface area via USB A or B, WiFi, RS232, RS485, or LAN

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Insert the temperature sensor

Ensure that the probe is inserted into the right size hole.The liquid bath or dry block can be selected making it suitable for most temperature sensors.

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Sensor Type

Select the type of sensor that is being measured, you can chose from RTD (up to 4 wires), thermocouple, current, voltage.

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Display interface area

Large and clear user interface input area, shows set temperature, actual temperature, displays analog signal, shortcut keys, curve graph area, status area, function operating area and cooling /heating status area.