Why to Choose Under Control Instruments when Purchasing your Tubular Heater

Under Control Instruments

Under Control Instruments have been creating Catering Spares, IR Lamps, Industrial Heating Elements and Control Instruments of unrivalled quality for over ten years. With our multi-disciplined team of specialist engineers offering tailored solutions to your heat & control issues, Under Control Instruments have the vision, experience and talent to deliver the product that best fits your heat & control needs.


The Right Tubular Heater for you:

Tubular (also known as sheathed) Heating Elements are used for Immersion (or wet) heating and air (or dry) heating. They consist of a metal alloy (usually Incoloy, steel or Copper) tube capped at both ends for thermal insulation purposes. This tube contains a high resistance Nickel Chromium heating wire surrounded by electrically insulating Magnesium Oxide powder. Current is passed through the Ni-Chrome wire, heating it up.

We offer two main types of Tubular Heaters, with multiple connections available, giving you enough variety to suit most applications, however our heaters can be made to order based on your individual project specifications.


– Straight Rod Heaters

Straight Rod Tubular Heaters (see: Dimplex Tubular Heaters) are general purpose, less expensive than their counterparts and can be bent into shape. We make our rods between 20″ – 120″ in length at various widths and power outputs with an Incoloy metal sheath that withstands up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.


– Immersion Heaters

Immersion Heaters are an extremely efficient way to heat liquids with almost all heat transferred. Our Immersion Heaters are available at different power ratings, connections & element depths depending on your preferred application.

We supply Commercial, Industrial and Oil Immersion Heaters in a number of standard sizes and specifications:


– Commercial Immersion Heaters used in boiler or washing machine sized applications.

Copper sheathed & nickel plated. Choose between four power outputs between 2000 KiloWatts – 3000 KiloWatts @ 230 Volts at immersion depths between 220mm – 425mm.


– Industrial Immersion Heaters used for heavy duty heating (Large water baths etc.)

These contain multiple copper sheathed elements and are available in four power ratings between 2000 KiloWatts – 3000 KiloWatts @ 230Volts, and 3000 KiloWatts @ 400 Volts with immersion depths ranging between 220mm – 280mm.

We also supply Tubular Heaters with thermostat made with a special grade steel sheath for heating different types of oil, and ‘Formed Tubular Heaters’, which are manufactured to suit equipment from an extensive range of manufacturers (Moffat, Falcon, Lincat, Dimplex Tubular Heater etc.), or can be designed from scratch by our engineers.

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