When to use Silicone Heating Elements

For applications where reliability is considered to be most important, you need a silicone heating element from Under Control! These are tailored to suit the needs and requirements of those based within the commercial and industrial sector, we have a wide range of elements in stock for you to choose from, so don’t hesitate to choose something suitable today!

There are countless ways in which the silicone heating elements can be used, these include the following:

Precise heat distribution

The silicone heating elements are designed to suit the requirements of almost any industry, they are your go-to products for applications that require precise heating! Unlike other heating elements, the silicone ones are manufactured to provide a reliable source of heat that can target specific areas.

Food counters for catering

The industrial silicone heaters are ideal if you’re looking to maintain the temperature and quality of your food, after all, nobody wants to eat food that’s stone cold!

Aircraft repairs

Faulty equipment can cause all sorts of problems for industries, take the aircraft industry for instance. When parts fail or damage, you need to find a repair or a suitable solution quickly… the silicone heating elements are an ideal investment to make, ensuring that the repairs are reliable and highly efficient!

Laboratory equipment

A laboratory requires heating elements that are suitable for heavy-duty applications, hence where the silicone heaters come in handy! In terms of safety, the silicone rubber heaters are perfect for laboratories; they can withstand impacts and distribute heat safely.

Temperature control

The rubber heating elements we supply, here at Under Control, can satisfy various industrial requirements. Our rubber heating elements are your go-to product for controlling temperature effectively, we supply the silicone heating element in several variations including ones with a sensor pocket and built-in sensor. Other products that can be found within this collection include thermostat heating elements.

Tank heating

Under Control have generated a wealth of experience when it comes to the importance and reliability of silicone heating elements. The industrial rubber heaters are capable of optimising the distribution of heat. The concentration of heat can vary, hence why we recommend the rubber heating elements for reliable tank heating!

Space saving

Where space is limited, you cannot go wrong with our range of silicone heating elements! Our silicone heaters provide heat right to the edge of the product, enabling you to choose something that fits perfectly in the space you have available. The space-saving industrial silicone heaters are ideal for any industry and can improve the performance and functionality of your heating operations.

Complex shapes

If you need to deal with difficult shapes, curves and intricate angles, the rubber heating elements are exactly what you need. Our heating elements are guaranteed to provide effective heating for your specific application and have holes that will suit specific surfaces. Here at Under Control, we can provide you with a suitable solution for precise heating!

If you want to know more about our silicone heating elements, feel free to discuss your needs in further detail with one of our experts, here at Under Control, simply call us on 0845 688 7122 today!

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