The Main Uses and Benefits of Ceramic Heaters

The Main Uses and Benefits of Ceramic Heaters


We all love a little more in cold times especially during the winter, and for most of us, it is more convenient to use Portable Heaters. Most of the time, we usually want to increase the temperature of a particular room or an office without having to heat the entire house. A Ceramic Heater is one of the best options to use for this. They work by passing current through Heating Elements whose temperatures increase, except the element is run through a ceramic plate that acts as a radiating surface to the heat. There are larger ones which are Ceramic Fan Heaters. They employ the use of a fan that sucks air from the room, heats it then circulates it into the room


Benefits of Ceramic Heaters

The heaters are usually safe and have a lower risk of fires. Most Space Heaters are designed with exposed Heating Elements that are a fire risk if not used carefully. In these heaters, the Heating Elements are enclosed in a ceramic core and if they fail, any hot bits of hot metal or debris is safely accommodated within the housing.

Heaters designed this way have a relatively small design which makes them portable and easy to carry around the house or office depending on the rooms where you need to use them. Their small size and lower operating temperature even make them suitable for small enclosed areas like bathrooms and cubicles. They are stable, and the small weight makes it hard to tip over, and there are even smaller designs to use on your desktop.

Electric Ceramic Heaters are usually very efficient converting up to 85 percent of the power into heat. The reflector ceramic plates also ensure that the heater takes a shorter time to heat up. It also has mechanisms to prevent it from overheating. Fans blow hot air out to ensure maximum circulation while thermostats control temperature by ensuring a certain level is not reached. Another common safety feature available is the tilt detection that is usually at the bottom of the heater which detects any form of tilting and shuts off the heater automatically.


Under Control Instruments

At Under Control Instruments we have a full range of Ceramic Heaters in the UK and Ceramic Heating Elements to cater for your Infra-Red Element needs. We also supply accompanying accessories including energy regulators, ceramic blocks, and temperature cables. Our Heating Elements are very efficient, converting 96% of the input power and heating to temperatures of up to 7000C. The available voltages range from 120, 220, 230, 240 and 480 with wattages between 150 and 1000. Ceramic reflector units are available in sizes 245 x 60 mm and 122 x 60 mm. The quality of our heater is assured as they have CE and UL approvals and comply with all the EU regulations.

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