The Beauty and Convenience of Infrared Heat Lamps

What is an Infrared Lamp?
An infrared lamp uses incandescent or halogen heating lamp bulbs to achieve very high temperatures and emit infrared rays for the primary purpose of heating. Infrared heat lamps have an advantage over conventional heating systems in that they are able to directly target heat to objects rather than just warming the surrounding air. Heating systems that warm air have the disadvantage of heat loss via the same air they are heating. Rooms must be well insulated to avoid too much heat loss through poorly insulated walls, window and door seals. Infrared heat is highly directed and an infrared lamp can almost instantly reach optimal temperature which minimises energy loss due to wasted heat and extended warm up periods.

Where are Infrared Lamps Used?
The infrared lamp is highly versatile in terms of application. There are a multitude of uses for infrared lamps in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors:

Process Drying and Curing
Infrared heat lamps provide a much more efficient and cost effective solution for process drying applications such as drying paints and adhesives in the automotive and manufacturing sectors. The results achieved by infrared heat lamps would involve a substantial capital investment if attempted using convection heating systems that emit streams of hot air. Fast curing powders respond particularly well to Infrared curing.

Food Safe Lamps for Heating
The catering industry employs infrared food safe lamps everyday. All-you-can-eat buffets and food counters across the UK keep their food warm and ready to eat using short wave Infrared (IR) lamps. An infrared food safe lamp is ideal for keeping food warm because all of the heat energy is concentrated on the food itself to keep it fresh and hot.

Outdoor Infrared Heaters
Infrared heating lamp bulbs are excellently deployed in outdoor settings such as food courts, pub gardens and for special events. The targeted warmth ensures that the people are heated sufficiently rather than losing heat to the outside air as would a conventional convection heater.

Why Buy Our Infrared Lamps?
We supply a full range of IR heating lamps and Infrared Heaters Panels for a variety of industrial, commercial and domestic use. Our products include those with industry standard specifications and bespoke solutions for your individual needs. We provide IR heat lamps that require no preheating and with no harmful emissions or noise. Our range of high quality IR heat lamps include the following:

Ruby Infrared Lamps
Our Ruby Infrared Lamps are slim in design and are coated to reduce glare. They can be supplied as wired lamps or with push-in ends and have a 5000 hour life cycle.

Gold Infrared Lamps
Our Gold Infrared Lamps are similar to the Ruby range but provide even more reduced glare level. They are perfect where more discreet lighting is preferable.

Clear Infrared Lamps
Clear Infrared lamps are best suited to industrial/commercial uses for process drying and curing.

Ruby Jacketed Lamp
Ruby jacketed lamps are very similar to the Ruby range but are enclosed in an additioal casing or tube for protective purposes.

We also provide a full range of non-infrared heaters for every type of heating solution and supply a comprensive list of spare parts for all of our products.

Contact us now for all your infrared heating requirements or advice on any other type of heating system.

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