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We are proud to be distributors of the CALEX pyrometers, they are a great addition to our range of infrared heating elements such as ceramic elements and quartz infrared elements.

Below is a typical thermoforming application where these would be used, please call us to provide a full heating, sensing and control solution, please click it for useful information.






4-wire PyroCouple sensors provide a voltage or thermocouple output (J, K or T) representing target temperature, plus a 4 to 20 mA output proportional to the sensor temperature. Typical applications might include:


  • Installations where there is a risk that the sensor could be damaged by overheating, for example in semi-automatic road repair machinery or on infrared-heated moulding/forming machines.
  • Installations where there is a risk that the lens might become frosted over if the sensor temperature drops below 0°C, for example on road-gritting lorries or on ground-survey aircraft.
  • In glass houses, where leaf temperature is monitored to detect changes in growth phases and sensor temperature can be used to detect changes in ambient temperature.
  • On race tracks, where the sensors are mounted on overhead gantries and bridges to measure the track surface surface and detect changes in ambient temperature.
  • In ice rinks, where the sensors are suspended from the ceiling and measure the ice surface and changes in ambient temperature.
  • For forest fire detection, where a remote-mounted sensor can give warning of excessive temperatures either on the ground or in the air.
  • For thermal mapping inside large-scale temperature-controlled storage facilities.
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