8820 2 Output Temperature Controller

8820 controller

8820 controller

New from Under Control Instruments, high-specification 8820 series #digital controllers are supplied as standard with a 20A main relay outputs and two NTC sensors for controlling temperatures from –50 to 150°C. They are suitable for many applications requiring on/off heating and cooling control.

Digital temperature controllers used as replacements for normal capillary thermostats. These provide a accurate method of control with a clear display. The 8820 is capable of performing either heating and refrigeration control applications.

With a 20A relay they care suitable for controlling the temperature of most things without the need for purchasing another external switching relay.

These controllers are typically used within our catering sector and applications that are controlling under 150°C.  PDF 8820 data sheet

6830 3 Output Temperature Controller


6830 controller

These controller are supplied with 3 x 8amp relay outputs and have the same features as the 8820 and is typically used in heating and refrigeration applications for controlling compressors, defrost and fan modes.

PDF 6830 data sheet

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