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Jacketed or non-jacketed catering heat lamps?

Tweet # There are many differences between jacketed and non-jacketed catering heat lamps and the wrong choice could cost you time and expense. UCI jacketed lamps are infrared heat lamps fitted with a outer quartz glass sleeve. Please bare in mind that a catering heat lamp is not! a halogen […]

How to keep hot foods hot and fresh

Tweet # Keeping hot foods hot is very important to ensure food safety and presents challenges. Bacterial growth slows down once at temperatures hotter than 60°C, so hot foods that are being served on a buffet, for example, must be kept hotter than that at all times. Keep in mind […]

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Why use #JacketedCatering lamps instead of un-jacketed

Tweet #   The reason why catering equipment manufacturers recommend the use of jacketed heat is that they offer food safety and extended lamp life. The lamp offers a significant protection of the lamp due to knocks by foreign objects. It also protects the lamps from food splashes which causes black […]