The technology of self-regulating heating wires are based on the properties of certain particular polymers that vary their resistance as a function of the temperature they are exposed to.

They are made of two tinned copper conductors on which is extruded a compound made by a specific concentration of  graphite and semi-conductive polymers that will constitute the wire active and heating portion.

This matrix is subsequently irradiated by a special equipment to record its molecular setting and build a memory of its initial characteristics.

The tape thus obtained is insulated with a poliolephine sheath (a thermoplastic material with a high dielectric seal) that effectively guarantees a first stage of mechanical and electrical insulation.

The wire is further clad in a tinned copper or in stainless steel metal braiding and subsequently coated with a second poliolephine sheath which guarantees corrosion and chemical agents proofing.

All the wires specifications can be marked on the insulating sheath.

Our self-regulating heating wires are usually produced and supplied by the meter, unbroken or in bobbins. At customer’s request or for special applications, they can be in pieces of the required length and wired according to  the  customer’s  needs  and  characteristics  of  the  project,  as  regards  voltage  (Volt),  dissipated  power (Watt/meter), length of the heated segments and of the cold input segments (mm).


First poliolephine insulating layer                    Tinned copper wire

cable Structure

Second poliolephine insulating layer              Metal braiding         Semi-conductive heating matrix


  • Input voltage: 220/240 Volt (120V at request)
  • Minimum bending radius: 25mm
  • Minimum installation temperature: – 30°C
Max length of circuit130m90m70m55m205m145m110m90m70m
Wire section1mm²1mm²1mm²1mm²1.25mm²1.25mm²1.25mm²1.25mm²1.25mm²
Dimensions (mm)10.5x610.5x610.5x610.5x611.5x5.511.5x5.511.5x5.511.5x5.511.5x5.5
M.O.T On65°C65°C65°C65°C80°C80°C80°C80°C80°C
M.O.T Off85°C85°C85°C85°C100°C100°C100°C100°C100°C
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