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The UCI PTC cartridge heaters are specifically designed for the evaporation of water produced during the defrosting cycle and are for use in the refrigeration sector.

PTC effect – (Positive Temperature Coefficient), the PTC provides a heating power that is dependant on temperature, thus emitting the maximum power at the lowest temperature and reducing the power emission gradually as the temperature rises.

The main advantages of this system are:

Reduction in costs

The use of a PTC cartridge resistance avoids the need of any additional protective device. This allows not only to reduce the direct cost of the device, but to save further money, eliminating the accessories (fixing supports), the electrical connections and the cost of labour.


In critical working conditions, when all the water has evaporated from the tank, and the resistance is working uncovered and with no direct heat exchange, the power emitted by the heater immediately falls to the minimum that avoids any risk of damage to either the heater or the tank.

Easy to assemble

The assembly of the resistance simply requires a 17mm hole on one side of the tank (as close as possible to the

bottom). The heater is inserted and fixed with a screw nut and a gasket that are separately supplied.


PTC heater

1 – Aisi Tube

2 – Rating plate marking

3 – Brass connector 3/8”G CH 24

4 – Silicone rubber insulated tri-pole wire

5 – Faston terminal at request


Type of heater                                                                                             UCI-PTC1    UCI-PTC2     UCI-PTC3

Length of cartridge L / Diameter Ø                                                                120 / 12      180 / 12         240 / 12

Evaporation capacity                                                                                   0.11 Kg/h     0.2 Kg/h         0.3 Kg/h

Voltage (V)                                                                                                 220 / 260       220 / 260       220 / 260

Power in water at 0°C                                                                                    110W           230W            330W

Power with no water                                                                                       10W             20W              30W

Brass connector (key 24)                                                                              3/8” GAS     3/8” GAS        3/8” GAS

Length of wire LC                                                                                        1M                 1M                    1M



• Design, manufacture and testing in compliance with harmonized standards EN 60335

• In compliance with 2006/95/EEC DIRECTIVE

• CE declaration of conformity on all items

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