Our range of mono-outlet heating cables are single wire electrical resistance designed for applications in the commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. They are completely waterproof, very flexible thanks to its specific material characteristics and their particular construction technology. The latter consists of a resistive wire made of Nickel/Chromium or Copper/Nickel or similar alloys that is wound on a support made with a fibre glass filament. The winding is then externally covered by a special silicone compound that guarantees a high dielectric seal and allows the cable to operate within a wide temperature range: from -60°C to +200°C. The same compound covers the outer sheath, permanently enfolding the resistive heating wire and the silicone electric wire.



  • Input voltage 1.5÷400 Volt (at request)
  • Specific power per metre from 5 to 80 Watt (according to voltage)
  • Dimensions and lengths according to customer’s requirements
  • Operating temperatures from –60°C to +200°C
  • General tolerance on lengths ±1% or depending on the customer’s specific needs
  • Design, manufacture and testing in compliance with harmonized standards EN 60335
  • In compliance with 2006/95/EEC DIRECTIVE
  • CE declaration of conformity on all items
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