CPCThe construction of this heating cable solve installation problems in a practical and safe way at a reduced price. Its the ideal solution in situations that offers flexibility of use, ease of assembly and a quick performance. This is due to its ability to provide constant power per metre, both depending on temperature variations and on the length of the heating circuit. It can be cut, pieced and connected directly by the operator during the installation, with only a few easy and quick operations. Among the many advantages offered by this heating cable, it should be noted that each circuit can be controlled. These are very easy to install and are low cost to purchase.





  • Input Voltage 12 ÷ 400 Volt (at request)
  • Specific power per metre from 15 to 80 Watt (at request)
  • Maximum outer dimensions 7x5mm (± 0.5)
  • Operating temperatures from – 60°C to +200°C (+230°C for short periods of time)
  • Maximum permissible cut length according to formula: (Voltage x 8) ÷ W/m
  • Minimum bending radius: 15mm
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