product_CCCx-31-475x475 An extremely important parameter to consider in refrigeration and air conditioning systems is the correct flux of the refrigerant within the plant.
The optimization of performance and the life of compressor depend on the capability of the system to reduce the mixing of lubricant oil and liquid refrigerant to a minimum. This is not always possible, if the oil temperature is too low, the two components start to mix up and migrate within the system.

A method frequently used to contrast the solubility of the refrigerant in oil, is that of heating the oil contained in the compressor by means of an electric resistance heating element provided with adequate power.
The oil is kept at a constant temperature of about 30/35°C, it is therefore kept at a temperature which is higher than that of the refrigerating circuit, so the refrigerant is forced  to remain within the evaporator and/or condenser.
It is advisable to start the heating element before  activating the compressor, in order to allow the oil to reach the adequate temperature (usually 8/10 hours earlier).
Despite being relatively cheap and easy to use, this component plays a significant role in the correct functioning and life of hermetic and/or semi-hermetic compressors.


ModelRating (w)Size (mm)

1 – Steel clamp with screw fastening head.
2 – Multi-wire metal braiding external protection.
3 – Sealing and insulating thermo-shrinking sheath.
4 – Power cable with earth connection; standard length: 1 m, or upon request, according to availability.


• Input voltage: 230 Volt standard, other options available upon request.
• Standard power, dimensions and length as indicated in the table request.


• Design, manufacture and testing in compliance with harmonized standards EN 60335.
• In compliance with 2006/95 EEC DIRECTIVE.
• declaration of conformity on all items.

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