Key Uses Of Under Control’s Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters are commonly used commercially and industrially to heat up liquids. They’re especially ideal for distributing heat and at Under Control, we can supply you with the necessary elements that suit the size of your water tank.

But what are the main uses of immersion heaters and how do they differ commercially and industrially?


Here at Under Control, we have nickel plated immersion heater elements that are adaptable for the size of the immersion heater tank. An immersion heater element is typically applied to boilers and geysers – heating liquids instantaneously.

Our commercial immersion heaters are robust and highly reliable. If you already have a functioning boiler, you may wish to consider one of our immersion heaters as a backup for your hot water supply – at least this way you needn’t worry about your boiler packing up or breaking! An advantage of Under Control’s commercial heaters is that you have the option to turn them on and off, so you can use them as and when you require them most.

If you’re looking for an immersion heater element for your washing machine, why not consider our copper sheathed element which will be attached to a flange. This is useful if you need to transfer heat in your washing machine.

At Under Control, we have four specifications for commercial immersion heaters, all of which have different ratings, ranging from as little as 1000KW to 3000KW. The immersion depth varies too, we’re confident you’ll find something suitable.


Perhaps you’re looking for a heavy duty hot water bath? We suggest an industrial immersion heater element, it’ll save you time, energy, space and money. Our flange immersion heaters are used by industries because they require high pressure and power. The only difference between our commercial and industrial immersion heater elements is that the industrial ones have more than one element; there’s two or three!

When it comes to choosing the right industrial immersion heater element, you want to make sure it fits perfectly in the immersion heater tank to perform consistently. Under Control supply a wide range of immersion heaters that cater for your specific needs and requirements, these have different capacities, starting from 220mm and ranging to 280mm.

An immersion heater is an equivalent to an electric water heater. The elements sit inside the hot water cylinder and warm the fluid up, this can be for hot water or central heating. The immersion heaters have their own power supply so you needn’t worry about the operational costs if your heater is used for emergencies only!


A thermostat is included with this immersion heater, you can not only heat up the water instantly, you can control the temperature too! Some typical uses of oil immersion heaters are fuel oil heating and freeze protection, for more information speak to one of the Under Control professionals!

Under Control’s immersion heaters and immersion heater tanks are ideal for an array of needs and wants- we provide a complete range of immersion heater elements that are bound to make a difference!

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