Jacketed or non-jacketed catering heat lamps?

There are many differences between jacketed and non-jacketed catering heat lamps and the wrong choice could cost you time and expense.

UCI jacketed lamps are infrared heat lamps fitted with a outer quartz glass sleeve. Please bare in mind that a catering heat lamp is not! a halogen lamp. The main difference is that halogen lamps outputs light with a very small amount of heat. A infared heat lamp outputs a lot of heat with the residue of light. (The only way you will know what you have is by placing you hand under the lamp, if you can keep it there for more than 2-3 seconds then it is a halogen lamp light).
If your establishment serves food that has oil residue such as lasagne and meats or foods with a lot steam like vegetables then the UCI jacketed lamps should be used. This is because when the oil splashes land on the lamp then it turns the spot black. This then concentrates the heat of the lamp to that spot which then causes the lamp to fail prematurely.
The UCI jacketed lamp prevents these splashes from reaching the actual lamp body and therefore protects the lamp from failure. It also protects the lamp from the occasional knocks which would cause the lamp to blow.
Un-jacketed heat lamps are best suited to dry applications such as bakery hot pasties displays.
Jacketed catering heat lamps last much longer than the un-jacketed lamps and is the best choice for hot food display units.
Both options are available from us, please call us or visit our catering spares page.

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