How Important is Choosing the Right Thermostat

A thermostat is a vital component for anyone running a central heating and cooling system. This device allows you to control the temperature and humidity in a particular space. Whether it’s cooling or heating a home, thermostatic control makes it easy to create the ideal environment for maximum comfort. It sends commands to the corresponding appliance on when to turn up the temperature or lower it. However, it is only possible to achieve this when you have the right device. The availability of the equipment in a variety of designs and sizes can create a lot of frustration when trying to find one. Why it is so crucial, though to find the right equipment?


The right device for temperature control will allow maximum energy savings. Homeowners nowadays have a lot of appliances that demand fuel consumption. Monthly bills can spike depending on the required usage. In winter, for instance, heating bills can get incredulously high if your control device is not operating well. Your requirements will guide you to the most suitable equipment. A programmable thermostatic control, for example, will allow you to set temperatures when you are out. It means that you get to save on unnecessary heating costs. Some devices allow control through mobile applications, meaning that, even when you forget, you can set it wherever you are.

Type of Device

Each kind functions differently, making it crucial to learn about the various traits to know what your home needs. Dial thermostats are popular in residential homes. With this particular type, you don’t need auxiliary energy to conduct the temperature measurements. The control knob makes it very simple to set the controls to the required temperatures. It can be flush mounted on a panel without a fuss.

Single pole thermostats are designed to cut the power on one side of the heater, meaning it does not turn all the way. It just has a very low setting, which means that when the temperature drops below that specific setting, the equipment turns on. Just like triple pole thermostats, they are the line voltage type, which controls resistance, convection and radiance heaters. Besides homes, these particular devices are utilised in commercial kitchens and marines applications. A single pole thermostat with aux switch is ideal when you have a heat pump in the system.

Matching Equipment Requirements

The machines that require control of temperature will also make it necessary to get a proper thermostat. For instance, a setup that calls for a triple pole high limit thermostat may not work well with a single pole alternative. An industrial oven will demand a more sophisticated and higher limit than a home oven. You will also find devices that control both furnaces and AC units while others work on furnaces only. Also, it will matter how many stages a machine works because some controls are built to handle the complexities and others are not. The heating and cooling cycle vary widely. Carefully evaluate the equipment before settling on a purchase. Note that some devices are designed to match the setting of the machine they control. The voltage will also make one device more suitable than another. An appliance that demands a 250 v set up will not operate efficiently with a 200 or 300 voltage.

When getting temperature control tools, a capillary gland set is another elemental to keep in mind as it prevents leakages in the tank. Gland sets are available for all options, whether getting high limit thermostats single pole or dial setup. With these basics in mind, remember to find out about the different features that come with each type of device.

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