Cast heater

Cast heater

Under Controls Instruments line of CAST heaters Aluminium and Bronze industrial elements and cast parts are available in standard and custom sizes specially suited for a wide variety of applications. We can make cast heaters according to your specific drawings, cast heater are very reliable as the elements inside always have a heat transfer surface and this ensures that the heater are less likely to fail. The heat is also distributed evenly ensuring better product production and longer element life than other heating elements.


  • Extruder Barrels
  • Extrusion Die Heads
  • Blow Moulding machines
  • Packaging
  • Food warming
  • Glue pots
  • Rubber presses
  • Window machines
  • Transfer machines


Requirements for quotation

  1. Inside diameter
  2. Outside Diameter
  3. Width of heater
  4. Termination positions
  5. Termination type
  6. Air/Water cooled
  7. Wattage and Voltage
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