Differences between #ceramicheaters and #quartzheaters

A lot of people ask us this question “which one we would recommend for my application”. The main choices are below…

Ceramic heaters emit infrared from the far-wave of the visable spectrum whist quartz heaters emit infrared from the medium wave visable spectrum.

Quartz heaters

  1. quartz heater half sizeThey heat up quicker than ceramic heaters so if your application requires regular retooling or temperature resets due to material changes then quartz heaters are the preferred choice.
  2. As quartz heaters emit medium wave they heat from the inside of a object as well as the surface so are great choice for thin or thick plastic sheets.
  3. They have a higher maximum working temperature.
  4. Heaters that are not working are easier to be noticed so reduces product rejections.

Ceramic heaters

  1. Ceramic heater half sizeThey are suited for the heating of thicker materials as far-wave heats objects from deep inside first and then out.
  2. They are suitable for heating people as well as objects as they emit the same wave pattern as the sun so have commercial applications.
  3. Unlike quartz heaters they do not emit light.
  4. The are preferred for drying applications as they are less likely to damage the products surface.
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