UVR/S  best choice

Our UVR/S Variable Phase Angle Power Regulator designed for use in kitchen environments to control heat lamps by dimming the output thereby adjusting the temperature. These are single-phase 230VAC. The load current has a maximum capacity of 17A. The module gives full adjustment of the output voltage from 0 to 98% of the load (scale plate included).

An in-house large triac enabled the unit to handle high inrush currents. Easy front panel mounting via a single hole and locknut arrangement.

These types of power controllers are used where simplicity of control is required. They operate on the same principle as a light dimmer by slicing the voltage wave smaller and smaller to reduce the power output.

They are used in industries such as commercial catering equipment manufacturers, packaging and plastics industries where the effect of on/off control is undesirable such as with the use of infrared heat lamps and quartz heaters.

They have a maximum working capacity of 17A which equates to 4000w with the correct heat sink and heat-sink paste applied.



The non-switched version is the UVR  suitable for control through the full percentage range. 0-100%

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  •  Output Variable from 0 to 98%.
  •  Load Current Upto 17A*.
  •  ON/OFF Switch included.
  •  Supplied with knob and scale plate
  •  Easy installation.


  •  Quartz Lamps
  •  Resistive Heating elements.
  •  Oven Heaters
  •  Industrial Dryers

*If Load current is more than 5A@70oC, then suitable external heat sink is necessary



(3 position selector)

The ULC/3P variable phase angle power controllers operate in the same way as we UVR/S except they have 3 selectable defined positions. it is also fitted with a RFI filter to comply with EMC regulations class A. The large triac enables the unit to handle high inrush current with ample safety margins on industrial installations. They are easy to installed, only a fixing hole and locking nut to hold it in place. A scale plate a turning knob supplied in the pack. To prolong the life of the unit we also recommend the use of our heat-sink paste for applications of 5A and above.



  •  Load Current Up to 15A*.
  •  3-position ON/OFF Switch included.
  •  Easy installation.


  • Quartz Lamps
  • Oven Heaters
  • Industrial Dryers
  • Resistive Heating elements
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