Ceran hot top

Ceran hot top

The U.C.I #Serving hot tops are fitted into catering servery hot counters to give the user a controllable food surface serving temperature. The glass can either manufactured from ceran or toughened glass. This gives strength, stability, safety, the surface is also easily cleanable. The ceran glass has a maximum working temperature of 750°C, and the toughened glass of 200 deg C, both are fitted with a heated element suitable for controlling up to 102 deg C

We can supply the ceran glass made to order to specific sizes.

Glass SizesHeat mat sizeWattage @ 230vApprox surface temp
600x500mm550x450mm400w102 deg C
500x500mm450x450mm375w102 deg C
525x325mm480x280mm325w102 deg C
500x400mm450x350mm350w102 deg C
600x400mm550x350mm350w102 deg C
400x400mm350x350mm300w102 deg C

High Temperature Silicone sealant

This #High temperature Silicone Sealant is the perfect solution for sealing and bonding glass in Heated counters and oven doors. A single part, neutral curing engineering silicone sealant which withstands very high temperatures, (280°C) and up to 300ºC for short periods.

Advantages and Benefits
  •   Easy Application
  •   Permanently elastic after full curing
  •   Neutral Cure
  •   High Modulus
  •   High bond strength
  •   Withstands temperatures up to 280°C
  •   Chemically completely neutral






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