Lamp Holder 220mm long

Lamp holder 220mm

Lamp holder 220mm

These lamp holders are made from polished reflective stainless steel and not from aluminium like others. Almost all of the heat is projected forward. This gives optimum use of the lamps energy and prevents the holder from absorbing the heat and overheating. This in turn causes failures of the connector ends and cabling. We offer these holders to suit all catering lamps 220mm long with R7S push in ends. They are fitted with a 6A rated ceramic spring terminals and will suit jacketed or un-jacketed lamps.



Lamp Holder 118mm long











These lamp holders are to suit lamps that are 118mm long lamps with R7S ends. They have ceramic ends rated 6A with PTFE or fibreglass leads. R7S ended lamp holders make it easy to replace lamps because they are of a clip in design so no need for screwdrivers. They have 6 amp ceramic ends to handle the heat.


Reflector Dish



Reflector dish to suit all lamps and holders 118mm long with R7S push in ends. Reflector dishes reflect the heat energy produced by the lamp forward and helps protects the gantry from overheating.

 Reflector Mesh

The reflector mesh is to be used to protect the lamp therefore improve the life of the lamp. Lamps are prone to be knocked and broken with objects such as trays, utensils and other such objects. This new development fits over the reflector unit and comes complete with fixing holes for easy installation using self tapping screws.

Reflector mesh lamp Reflectormesh


Lamp Spring connectors

Spring pin connector, 250V, 8A, 265mm  leads 250 deg C rating


R7S-04 lamp end fitting



R7S-01 lamp end fitting

R7S-B-181 lamp end fitting


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