Oven Fan

Oven fan

Hot air circulation fan are for use in a wide range of kitchen equipment. Under Control Instruments now offers a range of circulation fans specifically for catering equipment manufacturers. They are designed to improve the heat circulation within ovens and hot cupboards and are ideal for application in equipment such as ovens, climate cabinets, meal and dish warmers etc. The design combines a radial impeller (cooling fan) made of sheet steel and a mounting plate (heat shield) to set the motor away from the hot area. High-temperature-resistant lubricant is used for the sleeve bearings or ball bearing options, and the winding insulation is class H.

Replacements for Moffat VF150/20-HT and Lincat FA106

Oven ring element

oven ring element

The oven ring element is made to suit our oven fans, they come as standard in 2 common wattages of 1800w and 2300w. Both are supplied as 3 ring versions which offer the most effective and longer life service.

The oven and element will fit over 90% of ovens and catering replacement parts.

PDF data sheet 1 PDF data sheet 2

Tangential fan assembly

Tangential fan heater

We have a range of tangential fan assemblies with or without heating elements. With a standard diameter of 60mm they are avaiable in lengths from 120 to 360mm

PDF data sheet

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