Gas Interlock System

The UCI GICS5120 is a gas interlock system that manages the safe operation of the gas supply to appliances to protect the area from dangerous gas build up and isolates it should the commercial kitchen ventilation system not operating within the a predetermined levels.

The UCI GICS5120 fully meets the requirements of BS 6173. Installation and usage is made simple so not to over complicate things. The cost of ownership is low compared to similar systems manufactured by others on the market.

GIS system

BS6173 says…

“It is important to make sure all natural and mechanical ventilation systems are working effectively. The installer should have fitted the appropriate interlocking system between any mechanical ventilation system and the operation of gas appliances so that failure of the system causes the gas supply to them to be shut off. Installation of manual bypasses to such interlock
systems is not permitted.”

When should a Gas Interlock system be used

  • if you have a power-operated flue system for a gas appliance in your commercial kitchen. The British regulation BS6173 states that you should install a safety-lock system.
  • This is a requirement if a new ventilation or extraction system is fitted
  • A new gas-line pipework or kitchen layout
  • Any category B appliance such as combi-oven, grills, griddles and fryers. This should also be fitted to existing layouts should there not be one present.


  • PRESSURE & CURRENT monitoring in one unit
  • ON/OFF indication of fan and gas valve status
  • Gas ON/OFF indication
  • Audible signal of ventilation system failure
  • Manual reset button
  • Input signal from air pressure switch or fan current sensing
  • Emergency Stop button that also operates as a on/off button
  • Remote indication of ‘Emergency Stop operated’ and Fans ON / OFF
  • Additional remote Emergency Stop button circuit
  • Easy to clean, IP65
  • 12 month parts warranty



  • Height 200 mm
  • Width 100 mm
  • Depth 70 mm

Technical Specification

  • Power Supply 230VAC
  • Power Output (Gas Solenoid) 230VAC
  • IP Rating IP65 (Providing rear entry sealed)
  • Approval CE
Operational Manual



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