Under Control Instruments Catering gas hoses are designed for the rigors of an industrial commercial kitchen. As a leading supplier of component parts to the catering industry, we have a wealth of knowledge that has enabled us to develop and launch this new catering hose assembly kit. These parts are suitable for the harsh kitchen environments that exist and offers a long "fit and leave" working life.

They are available in an number of lengths, sizes and are suitable for use with Natural and Propane gases (NG, LPG)

Catering hoses in commercial or industrial kitchen environments are subject to heat, oils, cleaning agents such as bleach as well as constant movement due to cleaning regimes. 

To handle these demanding requirements our catering hoses are made to BS 669 part 2 1997 so you can be assured that they will stand up to the duties and are fit for purpose.

For applications such as gas fired installations we offer the "Paramount plus" catering hose. This design incorporates the addition of stainless steel braiding. This feature gives added flexibility, strength and allows more movement over our "Superior" standard design range.

Each hose is fitted with a cleanable Yellow PVC sleeve that does not kink or slip down due to the design.


The hose is supplied with a quick fit/release brass coupling that allows for a quick connection or release. This provides a gas tight seal when disconnected from the appliance.

We supply each hose kit with a restraining cable set to protect the hose against damage if an appliance is moved as well as to protect the hose should the appliance fall over.  The kit comprises of a PVC covered s.steel cable, two carabiner clips and a wall expanding bolt.


  • Approved to BS 669 Part 2 1997
  • ½” & ¾" coupling end fitting and ½” & ¾" screwed Hex Male the other end.
  • Quick release gas shut off brass coupling.
  • Supplied with restraining kit.
  • Suitable for natural gas or LPG.
  • Stainless steel flexible high performance tube.
  • Finned in a wrinkle free PVC cover sleeve.


  • Stainless steel corrugated tube with welded end fittings.
  • Stainless steel braiding strengthening option.
  • Quick release isolation coupling.
  • Hexagon male stainless steel nipple.
  • Cleanable wrinkle proof PVC sleeve.
  • Restraining kit (PVC covered cable, clips and wall anchor bolts). BS 669 Part 2 1997

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PARA-1/2-1M1/2"1000 mm
PARA-1/2-1.5M1/2"1500 mm
PARA-3/4-1M3/4"1000 mm
PARA-3/4-1.5M3/4"1500 mm


PARAPLUS-1/2-1M1/2"1000 mm
PARAPLUS-1/2-1.5M1/2"1500 mm
PARAPLUS-3/4-1M3/4"1000 mm
PARAPLUS-3/4-1.5M3/4"1500 mm


Shall be in accordance with BS 6173:1990

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