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Jacketed or non-jacketed catering heat lamps?

Tweet # There are many differences between jacketed and non-jacketed catering heat lamps and the wrong choice could cost you time and expense. UCI jacketed lamps are infrared heat lamps fitted with a outer quartz glass sleeve. Please bare in mind that a catering heat lamp is not! a halogen […]

How to keep hot foods hot and fresh

Tweet # Keeping hot foods hot is very important to ensure food safety and presents challenges. Bacterial growth slows down once at temperatures hotter than 60°C, so hot foods that are being served on a buffet, for example, must be kept hotter than that at all times. Keep in mind […]

How to make your #infrared lamps last longer

Tweet # If you find that your infrared #lamps are just not lasting as long as they should you should try the following which will improve the performance. These are common occurrences in the commercial kitchen and mobile paint automotive environments.   Check that the cabling is connected correctly and […]

Why use #JacketedCatering lamps instead of un-jacketed

Tweet #   The reason why catering equipment manufacturers recommend the use of jacketed heat is that they offer food safety and extended lamp life. The lamp offers a significant protection of the lamp due to knocks by foreign objects. It also protects the lamps from food splashes which causes black […]

Jacketed lamp blog