Choosing The Right Tubular Heating Elements

Tweet # Tubular heaters provide exceptional heat transfer via conduction, convection and radiation, however, there are several options available to you at Under Control Instruments Ltd, so how can you know which one is the most suited to your heating needs? Versatility. A tubular heater is extremely versatile. Here at […]

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5 Benefits Of Different Sized Cartridge Heaters

Tweet # Here at Under Control, we supply a wide range of cartridge heaters that are available in various sizes. There are countless benefits to cartridge heaters, including the fact that they have been manufactured to be long-lasting. Our cartridge heaters are available from as small as 6.5mm and as […]

Key Uses Of Under Control’s Immersion Heaters

Tweet # Immersion heaters are commonly used commercially and industrially to heat up liquids. They’re especially ideal for distributing heat and at Under Control, we can supply you with the necessary elements that suit the size of your water tank. But what are the main uses of immersion heaters and […]

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Top 4 Reasons to Choose Infrared Lamps for Catering

Tweet # At Under Control, we have 10 years of expertise and we use this wealth of experience to generate the most efficient control instruments. We have a range of infrared lamps that are suited to different industries, including hospitals, hotels, prisons, pubs, schools and universities. Our infrared lamps ensure […]

5 Benefits of Infrared Heating

Tweet # Infrared heating is where a high-temperature body transfers energy to a solid body before heating up the air. It is responsible for the even spread of heat and when compared to convection heating, infrared heating is 30% more efficient- creating a range of benefits for you! Some of […]

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The Importance of Selecting the Correct Size Strip Heaters

Tweet # Strip heaters heat various materials by clamping or bolting onto their surfaces, and they are appropriate for conventional type heating. The strip design of the devices allows them to maximise surface area, thereby enhancing the heating process. Besides the mounting mechanism, the appliance contains a heating element and […]

How Important is Choosing the Right Thermostat

Tweet # A thermostat is a vital component for anyone running a central heating and cooling system. This device allows you to control the temperature and humidity in a particular space. Whether it’s cooling or heating a home, thermostatic control makes it easy to create the ideal environment for maximum […]

The Beauty and Convenience of Infrared Heat Lamps

Tweet # What is an Infrared Lamp? An infrared lamp uses incandescent or halogen heating lamp bulbs to achieve very high temperatures and emit infrared rays for the primary purpose of heating. Infrared heat lamps have an advantage over conventional heating systems in that they are able to directly target […]

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Why to Choose Under Control Instruments when Purchasing your Tubular Heater

Tweet # Under Control Instruments Under Control Instruments have been creating Catering Spares, IR Lamps, Industrial Heating Elements and Control Instruments of unrivalled quality for over ten years. With our multi-disciplined team of specialist engineers offering tailored solutions to your heat & control issues, Under Control Instruments have the vision, […]