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Under Control Instruments, are international wholesale suppliers to the catering, plastics and packaging industries. We supplier a wide range of heating elements, infrared lamps and temperature control equipment. Based in Birmingham we can service the whole of the UK offering next day deliveries.

What are the common causes of #HeaterFailure?

Tweet # Liquid Contamination is the most common cause of cartridge heater failure. This is caused by the likes of moisture, hydraulic oils, and melted plastic that are seen on failed heaters. Other causes are lead abrasion and movement, inadequate heatsink, high operating temperatures (inadequate temperature control). If you are not sure which heater to use please give us a call […]

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Why use #JacketedCatering lamps instead of un-jacketed

Tweet #   The reason why catering equipment manufacturers recommend the use of jacketed heat is that they offer food safety and extended lamp life. The lamp offers a significant protection of the lamp due to knocks by foreign objects. It also protects the lamps from food splashes which causes black […]