Environmental Policy

Under Control Instruments, are specialist suppliers of high specification, high quality control instruments and heating equipment.
We consider care for the environment to be critical and integral to our success. Improving our environmental performance is a key element to our goal to achieve excellence through continuous improvement.

We recognise that all human activities have an impact on the environment and it is our policy to reduce the impact of these actives, to reduce our dependency on non-renewable resources and integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions.


Our Environmental Policy we aim to achieve:

    • Photo 09-07-2013 23 17 46Supply products with consideration to pollution and a reduction in our own environmental impacts.
    • A framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets.
    • Involvement, education and training of our employees and contractors.
    • Protection of the community from harm of nuisance resulting from our activities, products and services.
    • Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other standards that Under Control Instruments maintains.
    • Sharing our environmental experience with interested parties.
    • Striving for continual improvement through practices that recognise the moral, social, environmental, health and safety implications of our activities. 

This will be achieved through our environmental management systems and communicating to our employees, contractors, suppliers and other interested parties the importance of environmental performance improvement and that the contribution by everyone is essential in achieving this goal.


Health & Safety Policy

Statement of Intent 

  • Under Control Instruments Ltd are committed to ensuring the safety of our employees, customers and anyone else affected by our business’ activities.
  • The Managing Director has ultimate responsibility for health and safety at Under Control Instruments Ltd.
  • The Managing Director is the responsible person in charge of health and safety.
  • All employees are responsible for taking care of their own health and safety and that of the people they work with.
  • We recognize our legal duties at Under Control Instruments Ltd business and are bound by and that. We will provide a safe working environment, safe work equipment and safe methods of work.
  • We will work within or exceed the guidelines laid down within the Health and Safety Executive and hold a copy of the regulations guide.

The organisation

  • Undertaking risk assessments.
  • Workplace inspections.
  • Ensuring safety when specific tasks or work activities are carried out or to ensure safety in specific areas of the workplace.


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