5 Benefits of Infrared Heating

Infrared heating is where a high-temperature body transfers energy to a solid body before heating up the air. It is responsible for the even spread of heat and when compared to convection heating, infrared heating is 30% more efficient- creating a range of benefits for you!
Some of the benefits of infrared heating include the fact that it is cost effective and safe, but what other positives are there?

Save Money

An infrared heating system can significantly lower your costs, this is because they don’t need as much power as a convection heater – yet they can produce the same amount of heat! If you were to buy a 600W infrared heater, it would emit the same amount of heat as a 1500W convection heater, thus ultimately highlights that infrared requires less electricity so operation is cheaper.

Improve Design

Are you a perfectionist? Understandably it can be difficult to enhance the design of a room with a heating system. However, infrared heating systems can provide you with added convenience because they are relatively disguisable. The installation of an infrared heating panel is simple. It could be hung from a wall or even fitted to furniture- this enables you to maximise the space of a room and decorate it to your specific taste. Infrared panels and heating systems can be adapted in terms of colour, size, shape and finish, again meeting your specific requirements.

Eliminate Condensation

Commonly, bathrooms are prone to condensation when the warm air touches the cold air. However, how can infrared heating reduce the appearance of black mould spots?
The benefit of an infrared heating system is substantial, the surface is heated before the air, therefore, the air doesn’t have a chance to circulate. Conveniently, this type of heating prevents the circulation of dust particles which is especially advantageous for those who suffer from allergies!
The quality of the air is improved because of the infrared heating, this will reduce dampness and could potentially improve the circulation of blood once absorbed into the body!

Provide Comfortable Heat

Have you ever considered how long it takes for a room to warm, when using convection heating systems?
Infrared lamps and panels have an immediate effect and provide heating quickly! Although this is dependent on the position of the heater, the spread of heat is even and the heat rises, reaching the body or an object before circulating! This provides a constant temperature throughout a room, in contrast to any other heating systems which tends to be warm higher up than they are towards the ground!

Prevent Heat Loss

Infrared prevents the loss of heat because there are no pipes included! Additionally, infrared heating is high quality but easy to maintain, they last much longer, therefore, increasing their efficiency. As an alternative, an infrared heater is not only more manageable but more noticeable for its quick subsidence of heat- returning to room temperature with immediate effect!


Heating coincides with control, hence why our specialist engineers are always on hand to share their expertise for any of your bespoke design queries.
At Under Control, we have generated a wealth of experience having worked in the industry for 10 years, we have discovered the influential impact infrared heating systems are having on increasingly more people!
Our infrared heating systems include infrared lamps which provide comfort and convenience. Under Control has a range of options that are bound to suit your needs, however, if you don’t find what you’re looking for, we can tailor a design to meet your specific requirements!


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